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For the love of mountain biking

For the Love of Mountain Biking

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For the Love of Mountain Biking is smorgasbord of engaging stories, perceptive observations and amusing anecdotes in tribute to the sport we love. They blend into a lively narrative, inspired by the author’s own experiences and BIG love for mountain biking.

It’s an appreciation of the places we go, the people we meet, the adventures we have and all the good times along the way. It stirs emotions, stokes nostalgia and reignites those peak sensations, making you want to get right up, go for a ride and send it!

From growing up by the Howgill Fells in the Yorkshire Dales to living and riding in the vast Portes du Soleil bike park network, James shares his perspective in a true celebration of mountain biking. He offers useful insights, exploring the essence of the sport and why we love to ride… And if you don’t ride already, you might just fall in love with it anyway.

Available worldwide in paperback, hardcover and Kindle editions. 


I lifted the front of my new mini-skirt (the skirt formerly known as shorts) and gave him a flash of the carnage beneath. He immediately stopped chewing, looked down, and started packing away his lunch.

“OK… Zat is definitely an emergency,” he said. “Let’s go now.”

“Hey… No… It’s alright Dr,” I said, “I can wait a few minutes, no problem. Please, finish your lunch first…” 

“It’s OK,” he said, looking up at me with a face two shades pastier than 10 seconds earlier, “I am no longer ’ungry…”

“Oops. Sorry Doc.”

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